Monday, 12 January 2015

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Special Days of February 2015 [For Lovers]

Hey Guyzz...!
Its our First article so hope you all like this.In this article we are gonna tell you the Special days which come in the month of February.February is always one of the best month for lovers because they get many chance to express their love to their lovers one.

The February start for lover's from 7th and goes on till 21(but i don't think that any lover want 21th in his lift cz its break up day.

Here is the list of days special days come in the month of FEBRUARY. :-

  • 7th February  :- ROSE Day 

Rose day is a day when lover give A red rose to his/her Lover or lover's :P .Rose day starts the Valentine week with a great charm and love.Rose day is celebrated cz rose is of red color and red color is the symbol of LOVE.Rose day is celebrated over the world and in different style.Hope you have a different style to give rose to you lover's one. Best of luck :)

  • 8th February :- Propose day

It is one of the precious day in any lovers life when he/she propose his/her.And wait to listen the same back with adding 2 :P (i love you 2!).You can propose that girl/boy on which you have crush.This is the right day to express your feeling and love to his/her..But this and also be the worst day of your file (YKWIM).
but i hope all of you get the same from your lovers one with + 2 :)

  • 9th February :- Chocolate Day 

Its seriously a great day because anyone can celebrate it even singles like me :P .On this day people give chocolate to their lovers ones and a sweet card to express their love.Its one of the best way to express your love with and sweet and warm thing.Usualy everyone like chocolates so this is the best way to express your love and feeling.

  • 10Th February :- Teddy Day

Heyy!! Please don't forget to give a teddy to your and especially your girlfriends and your wifes cz usually girls and ladies like teddy bears(soft toys) and they keep teddies with them in their room.So don't you want that she will be with your gift every time.!!!

  • 11th February :- Promise day

On this day everyone have to promise to their lover ones that they will be with them for ever and never let them go.This day has its own importance and it build trust in your lovers heart.Lovers promise they will full fill his/her needs and love them till you die.

  • 12Th February :- Kiss Day

This the day for which every lover wait..! Yepp ,, its KISS DAY.A kiss a the shortest distance between you and he/she.Kiss can express your love and your feeling directly to him/her.A kiss is something you can't give without taking and you can't take without giving.And don't forget to use mouth freshener  .

13Th February :- Hug Day

Its hug day.So hug your partner as tight as you can and give him/her a warm and sweet memory.A hug plays an important role in love.It transfer your feeling,love,expressions and everything to your partner.Just take it slow and steady and show your partner that how much you love her or support her. :) 

14Th February :- Valentine's Day

And here the day comes for which all of you are waiting for!!

Valentine's day is a festival of love and romance and t celebrated on 14Th of February.You should give some presents to your partner for eg :- Take him/her for a candle light dinner,give her greeting cards,chocolates,ring,flowers, and a important one ''A Kiss and a tight and a warm hug'' and feel the moment and fall in love with him/her.


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